Yoto - Treasury of Bedtime Stories Audio Card

Yoto - Treasury of Bedtime Stories Audio Card

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Enter a world of imagination and enchantment at bedtime with this selection of timeless short stories by Enid Blyton.

Get ready for a magical journey....

Set your imagination alight with this selection of more than 25 bedtime stories by a much-loved children's author. From pixie dressmakers to thundering giants, meet a host of magic and memorable characters along with some familiar friends in Moonface and Saucepan Man from The Magic Faraway Tree.

This stunning treasury brings together some of Enid Blyton's most delightful stories for younger children, creating the perfect bedtime treat. Each story stands alone and will take you on a brand-new adventure. The tales collected in this treasury were first published in magazines and anthologies between 1920 and 1960 and have been adored by generations of children ever since.
1.Teddy and the Elves
2. Corovell the Fairy
3. Paddy-Paws and the Star
4. Morning Mist and Starshine
5. Connie's Curious Candle
6. One Rainy Night
7. The Tale of Twiddle and Ho
8. The Boy Who Turned Into an Engine
9. The Enchanted Slippers
10. The Sneezing Dog
11. Stamp-About's Spell
12. The Enchanted Doll
13. A Basket of Surprises
14. The Tale of Bushy the Fox
15. The Tale of Jig and Jog
16. Binkle's Wonderful Picture
17. The Adventures of the Toy Ship
18. The Gossamer Elf
19. Fireworks in Fairyland
20. The Rose that Didn't Grow
21. Muddy-One and Pranky
22. Pinkity and Old Mother Ribbony Rose
23. The Land of Blue Mountains
24. You Simply Never Know!
25. The Bed That Ran Away
26. Dickie and the West Wind
27. In Nursery-Rhyme Land
28. Adventures Under the Sea

Age: 5-8 yrs

Duration: 6 h 26 min

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