Yoto - Tales of Tricks and Treats Audio Card

Yoto - Tales of Tricks and Treats Audio Card

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30 short stories full of tricks, treats, wizards and witches by Britain's most beloved children's author - perfect Halloween listening.

Meet fairies, witches and giants in this selection of 30 magical short stories by the world's best loved storyteller. Perfect for children aged 5 and up! From to goblin games to never-ending wishes, there's mischief afoot in these fun-filled short stories by Enid Blyton!

Who will be on the receiving end of a trick, and who will win out with a treat? Enid Blyton remains one of Britain's favourite children's authors, and her short story collections are the perfect way of introducing her work to a new generation of listeners.

  1. The Magic Rubber
    2. Dame Roundy's Stockings
    3. A Spell for a Puppy
    4. Briony and the Naughty Fairies
    5. The Fairy Kitten
    6. The Talking Teapot
    7. The Brownies' Party
    8. Fee-Fie-Foe the Goblin
    9. Dan's Magic Gold
    10. The Fool and the Magician
    11. The Midnight Elves
    12. One Bonfire Night
    13. The Wind's Party
    14. The Brownie Who Thought He Was Clever
    15. Peronel and His Pot of Glue
    16. The Magic Knitting Needles
    17. The Wicked Witch
    18. Games in Goblin Land
    19. Sneezing Powder
    20. Billy's Little Boats
    21. The Little Green Imp
    22. The Wishing Hat
    23. The Kickaway Shoes
    24. The Witch's Cat
    25. The Yellow Trumpets
    26. Juggins the Giant
    27. Blue Shoes for the Party
    28. The Boy With a Thousand Wishes
    29. The Crown of Gold
    30. The Green Goblin

Age: 5-9 yrs

Duration: 4 h 14 min

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