Hi, I’m Claire-Jayne, founder of Lulabug and mum to two little girls aged 4 and 2. I have always had a passion for beautifully designed and high quality products. Since becoming a mum I am constantly on the lookout for simple and practical solutions that make life that bit easier, especially the morning times!

After my first daughter was born, I quickly accumulated a mountain of baby clothes ready to see me through the first couple of years. However, I ended up putting clothes away and forgetting about them, only to find them a few months later when they were too small.

When I returned to work after maternity leave getting ready in the mornings was always a rush. It seemed most of the morning involved running around getting clothes organised for myself and my little girl. Determined to come up with a solution, the idea of Lulabug Wardrobe Dividers was born. I then started on my journey of getting them custom designed and manufactured.


I currently have two products in the range:

Our ‘Newborn to 2 years’ Wardrobe Dividers are a set of 7 dividers to categorise your baby’s clothes by age range. They will help keep your baby’s clothes organised, easily accessible and not forgotten about as they grow.

Our ‘Days of the Week’ Wardrobe Dividers can be used for all the family. Use them at the weekend to plan your family’s clothes for the week ahead whether it be for work, crèche, school, activities or holidays.

Both products have unisex designs and stylish packaging, making them a beautiful and practical gift for a busy parent, a baby shower or for the neat freak in your life.  

Happy organising!

Claire-Jayne x